Mary Ann Volk Via Google-I've been going to Jonathan salon for nearly 10 years. Jonathan is an expert in the field. If you're thinking of doing extensions, you need to see Jonathan. If you're thinking of changing your color, you need to see Jonathan. If you want a new cut, see Jonathan. You will walk out of Jonathan Salon with a new friend and the best hair of your life.

Margaret dickson via Google- Great salon. Jonathan’s amazing. Just got a new cut and color and I love it!    Very relaxing and not chaotic like a lot of big salons a pleasure to go to.

Jean Sporac via Format -Oct 18 2023 I just had the best experience with Jonathan. This is probably the best haircut of my life! The salon is super friendly and easy atmosphere! So glad I found this salon!

christine adams via Google- May 8, 2023 I had been getting Great Lengths hair extensions in a salon one hour away up north for many years. I wanted to find someone closer that was a master at Great Lengths extensions, and I found that in Jonathan! From the first consultation, I knew he was an expert. He is so kind and talented. After he did my color and extensions I have never felt so amazing! Not only did he apply them more beautifully, they stay in so much longer! The colors blended so perfectly. I have thin hair and he makes it look luxurious. Also, it is so relaxing to be in his salon he really makes me feel like a celebrity. He plays cool music and has great conversation. He is a true artist with hair!

Sandra Forero via Google- I had debated getting hair extensions for several years, never finding a salon that made me feel comfortable with the decision to move forward… until I found Jon. He took the time to explain the process and what to expect in terms of maintenance, etc. Based on my consultation, I felt completely comfortable and excited to finally move forward! Jon was meticulous in the service he provided - he took his time and several hours later, I had the hair I had always dreamed of having. The colors he chose were perfect, and I am absolutely in love with my new hair! If you are considering extensions, I recommend Jonathan Salon without hesitation.

Joy Sperling via Google- Wow! I had been getting my hair cut at a premier salon in New York before COVID and had tried a few NJ places. I was not thrilled with my haircuts so I scoured the Internet to find a new stylist. Jonathan fit me in to his busy schedule and I got a terrific cut. I’m sold forever! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Alexis Visionary via Google- Jonathan Salon is certified in using Great Lengths K Tips. These are the best keratin bond extensions on the market right now. My hair is pretty fine and he makes sure to fill in my whole head. I absolutely adore Jonathan and his son, Trevor. They both are on top of your services while you are at the salon. There is usually one client in the salon at a time. You feel like you are receiving the most amount of attention and your time is being valued. There are refreshments available in the cozy lobby area. Jon always has wonderful music on too! There is an initial start up fee, but after that it is extremely cost-effective to fill in every 6 months. I personally fill mine in every season. Be sure to ask about different lengths and color options. Trust me you’ll walk out feeling like a million bucks. His extension application has changed my life. I started when I was 24 years old and I am still going back at 27. I am a 20 inch jet-black extension lover, but I feel so confident that I am ready to add some strips of the fun bright or pastel colors he has available as well! :)

Dara Madden via Google- Amazing experience with great lengths hair extensions!

I was looking for a new hairdresser since mine moved to Florida a few yrs ago. I visited a few highly recommended in the past few years but was not happy with my highlights as my color always turned brassy. The last colorist overlapped the highlights so much that my hair was severely over processed and dry (a big mess). My neighbor mentioned a friend of hers went to Jonathan and was very happy with her color as she was a blonde also. Well I made an appointment with Jonathan and it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my hair. My highlights were the best I ever received and he also added some lowlights since my hair was over bleached. My hair has never looked better and still has not turned brassy after three weeks! He is the best colorist I have been to and I have been highlighting my hair since a teenager. I am so glad I found Jonathan salon and will be a client for life. Thank you so much Jonathan as you are truly a hair color expert.  Susan Bond, NJ via comments

Sheila Woolson via Google-Jon is the best!

Suzanne Torre Dalmazio via Google-JONATHAN IS A TRUE ARTIST
Due to a series of unavoidable circumstances, this review is WAY overdue! So here's my story...
Have you ever had a really bad hair day? I mean a REALLY bad hair day... My hair was a mess, my house was a mess, and my mood was a mess. So I decided to perm my hair at home. Yes, very bad idea! You guessed it... fried and frazzled hair. Then I proceeded to cut some of the fried ends off. To make a long story short, I ended up hiding in the house for 3 months. With the holidays coming up, I had the idea of getting hair extensions so I would be able to crawl out from under my rock for Christmas. Everybody advised against hair extensions. But I was determined. I searched the web, and thought that I would have to go to NYC. Then I came across Jonathan's site, and decided to go for a consultation. Jonathan analyzed my mess, and recommended a way to salvage my abused locks. He set me up for a keratin treatment with sweet Ashley. She did a great job with a challenging situation! Ashley also dyed my hair and covered every last gray. Over the course of one week, it seemed like I was living at the salon and I was ready to bring my sleeping bag! 😉 Jonathan, Ashley, and Jackie were so friendly, professional, and comforting considering my embarrassing situation. They welcomed me and helped me to feel like part of their family!
The day finally arrived for Jonathan to attach the hair extensions. He matched my natural color flawlessly, and ordered the perfect extensions for my hair and skin tone. He worked tirelessly and meticulously as he bonded small sections of beautiful, shiny hair to my own. I was happily chatting away the entire time that I was sitting there, not even realizing that I wasn't facing the mirror. Before I even knew it, Jonathan turned my chair around when he had finished. I couldn't believe my eyes! Jonathan had transformed my disaster into a stunning work of art. I now had long, luxurious tresses which took years off my appearance. I never could have imagined that Jonathan's expertise would work a miracle! I was so ecstatic that I was jumping up and down... and that isn't an easy feat for a woman with MS.
It is now 5 or 6 months later, and my extensions are still beautiful. I wash, brush, and style my hair just as I had before the extensions. Only now my hair styling is actually less time consuming because the extensions are so healthy and they can air dry naturally without any effort! I totally recommend Jonathan for hair extensions, or any other hair process you may require. It is not necessary to go to NYC for a high quality, professional hair stylist.... Jonathan is a genius!!

Catherine Janezski via google-I have my hair highlighted, cut and hair extensions done by Jonathan, he is amazing at what he does! I love my hair! The salon is great too, friendly staff and in a great area of NJ

Liza Cherubini via Google-I go to Jonathan for my hair and he does such an amazing job! I've been to enough hair stylists to know when I get a good cut. His experience and expertise far surpass anyone I've been to. Also, the other stylists are great as well from seeing their clients. There are a range of pricing options depending on your budget. What you get here far exceeds the price. Another aspect that I like is that they have a special sink when washing your hair so that your neck isn't uncomfortable--they also put your legs up while washing your hair which I love! I highly recommend this place!

Jaime Clara Zienga via Google-I Had my great lengths hair extensions done by Jonathan and they are beautiful!! On short notice, Jonathan fit me into his busy schedule and got me the hair that I always wanted. My experience was nothing short of great and the staff was lovely as well.

Elizabeth Annunziata via Google-Jonathan’s hair salon is by far the best hair salon I’ve ever been to. From our first conversation over the phone I knew I was in the right hands for hair extensions. I’m in love with my hair and the way he did it, the quality of the hair is incredible. There are no words to describe Jonathan’s talent, it’s clear he loves what he does and take pride in his work. Even the staff there are amazing, they’re friendly, hard working, talented girls. They make you feel very welcomed and comfortable. I’m so happy I found Jonathan’s and will only be going there from now on. Jonathon thank you so much for the excellent job you did on my extensions and treating me so wonderful.

I have been to many hairstylists in my life. Jonathan is addictive! He is very talented and very nice! For the first time in a long time, my husband loved my hair said it's the best it's ever looked, I agree!! They have a great team and are serious about their work. Thank you Jonathan Salon! Jaquelyn M via Comments

I recently moved from Manhattan to the suburbs. I was planning on having to make that drive into the city Every time I wanted my hair done. Well, not only don't I need to, I don't want to. Jonathan at Jonathan's salon is better than any NYC stylist. I've never loved my hair so much. My hair was very short and I wanted great lengths extensions. I did my research and found them to be the most seamless and least damaging. Needless to say, I now have beautiful long (real) hair!! Even my husband commented on how amazing my hair looks! I can't write enough good things about jonathan and his salon. I'm so thankful! ️Erica via facebook reviews

in the last week-I had been going to the same stylist in the city for over ten years for my extensions, but he was extremely over priced & after I had moved back to NJ, he was also very much out of the way. I randomly found a place near my house to do my extensions, because I wanted to find a place in Jersey, but the woman, as sweet as she was, had done a bad job.. not going up high enough and making it very visible that I had extensions, leaving me with a very unnatural look. I started my online search again for another stylist in my area that did Great Lengths. I found a ton of praising reviews on Jonathan and decided to make a consultation. Just from the consultation alone, it was so obvious he knew exactly what he was talking about and exactly what he was doing. I scheduled hair coloring and extensions, and Jonathan took care of my hair better than even my NY stylist did. The first thing that was clear was how much he actually cares. He made me review instructions on how to care for them and also provided me with the right products to care for the bonds.. even my NY stylist had never done that. I also got a call a few days later (which I unfortunately missed) but he left a voicemail asking if everything was ok and how my extensions were. Most importantly he did such an amazing job and gave me such a natural look (you can't even tell they are extensions) but so surprisingly is really how much he cared about my happiness and the final product. He definitely puts his heart into his work and he's extremely talented. I have officially found my new stylist & he's definitely the person I will be referring all my friends to! I highly recommend him.. he knows what he's doing and he cares so much about his clients and his work! Mizzy Waterfalls via Google Reviews

My Friend who was visiting from California, asked me to make a appt. at a good salon & Jonathon Salon immediately came to mind. After she got her hair done( looked unbelievable) I made a appt. & I have never been so happy. They gave me the color I have wanted for years & Emily gave me the most flattering cut. I got so many compliments from family & work. I advise any one who is thinking of changeing their hair salon or just wants a change go to Jonathon Salon, you will be so satisfied. They are so pleasant enjoy everything about this Salon, hope you do too. Priscilla Nelson, Middletown NJ via Comments

I have been going to Jonathan for about 8 months now and I am so pleased with my cut and color after going to many other salons in the Red Bank area. He is truly a hair genius and gets to know your hair better and better with each successive visit. Not only does he really listen and pay attention to what you want, but he sees what works and what you want and works with you to get that perfect blend of color and highlights. I myself found him online and read all the reviews before coming in. There were so many positive ones I knew I couldnt go wrong. By the way his assistant Emily is amazing in her own right giving great blow-outs. Truly a dynamic duo! Barbara Jasinski -Via Reviews 

This was my second appointment with Jon and its the best highlights and haircut that I have ever had! My friends and coworkers have not stopped complimenting my new look! Jon is a sweetheart and the staff is amazing. Maureen Boleo from Google reviews *****

Jonathan is the best! I'm a new client at the salon, but felt like I've been going there and knew Jon forever! On Wednesday, I called about extensions but was unable to go into the salon so Jonathan could get an idea of what extensions to buy. Not only did Jonathan help me and figure it all out via email but over nighted the extensions and had them waiting for me the next day for my appointment! I am obsessed with my extensions and couldn't thank Jonathan enough! Jonathan is the best of the best and really cares about all of his clients:) Melissa Louk via facebook *****

I had been entertaining the idea of having a keratin treatment for over a year, and recently I had had enough of my dry frizzy hair. I found Jonathan's salon by searching the internet and was impressed with the reviews. I sent an email requesting an appointment and Jonathan responded and he was able to accommodate my scheduling needs. I arrived to my appointment and was greeted with welcoming smiles. The entire experience was pleasant. My hair stylist was Emily.. And she is AWESOME! I am so happy I chose Jonathan Salon. I love my hair now, its soft and smooth. I love it.  Keary Bennett via Reviews

Today I am heading to Red Bank to Jonathan and the salon. I have actually found someone who knows how to color and cut my difficult head of hair. I found Jonathan by accident one day when I decided not to travel from the shore to get mr hair done up in North Jersey. Red Bank was half way so I found Jonathan on line. He did such a wonderful job. That was 8 years ago. Now every 3 weeks I travel an hour+ to have my hair done and it is worth every travel minute. Jill Hayes-via comments.

I found Jon 8 years ago and have never looked back! No one else has ever gotten my color right, and with Jon it is perfect every time! The same is true for his cuts. Jon's knowledge and skill are unmatched - Thank you Jon!  Nancy Munkel Getz -Via Facebook *****

The most amazing salon in NJ. I have been all over looking for a stylist and I found him in Red Bank - definitely no need to travel to the city anymore and I pay half the price. My hair has been long, short and everything in between and each and every style has been creative, beautiful and grows in perfectly. I get more compliments now than ever before for both the cut and the color. Yes, did I say he does both? Jon gives Sharon Dorram a run for her money, for sure. Trust me, once you go to Jon, you will never go anywhere else. You will fall in love not only with his Talent which is to die for, but he has such personality, you will hate leaving the salon!  Monique Bolsius -Via Facebook *****

If you have curly hair, Jonathan's salon is a must! I love my hair cut!!! I have suffered with my curly hair all my life, but now I'm happy to say I can embrace it and have fun with it due to Jonathan's expertise. Thanks Jonathan for all your great service. I have finally found the salon for me.
Annie Dragutsky via comments

Jonathan did my hair extensions and they turned out AMAZING! I've gotten so many compliments and no one can tell it's not my real hair. I can't wait to get them redone before my wedding!  Nicole Packo -via Facebook *****

I have finally found a New York quality salon with an international grade of talent! My hair looks beautiful, this is just about the best haircut I have ever had! Thanks Jonathan.
Veronica B Mansetti

I am pretty new to the area after moving here from NYC, I had been going to the same salon for 7 years and had to find a new one here in Jersey, after literally 6 salons , I finally got the color and cut that I was use to and loved from my old Salon in NYC, John evaluated my hair, knew exactly what treatments needed to be done and colored and cut my hair as if he had been doing my hair for years, he has a new fan and a new client with me:). Thank you John! It was also a pleasure meeting your beautiful fiancé , what a small world that I lived in her home town. I felt very much at home with you and in your Salon .
Michelle Cieri -submitted via Superpages

Yesterday was my first time with Jonathan and I am extremely happy! This man is very talented and knows how to handle a head of hair. My haircut is beautiful and when I styled it this morning on my own, it still looked amazing! Go to this salon once and you'll be hooked!
Roberta Hasei

I've lived in the area for a long time and I've been to my share of salons; but I've found the best salon I've ever patronized and that's Jonathan Salon. First and foremost, he is extremely talented when it comes to cuts and styles. He listens to what I want and I'm always thrilled with the results. The salon's ambiance is great too. Unlike so many other salons, Jonathan is ON TIME! The atmosphere is friendly and the conversation interesting.
I don't know what else to say except that I believe his success centers around his talent and respect for his customer. You won't be disappointed.
Nancy Nevrincean

Thank you Jonathan for a fab cut and color today! Not only did I love it but my husband did too!
Margaret Warwick Rolo

Sitting in my favorite chair in red bank, laughing with the talented Jonathan! No one does a better blonde!

Jill Markowski Boughrum

Thank you, Jon, for the amazing haircut today! I walked out of your salon today DANCING! My hair was so sexy and amazing! I felt so good! Who does my hair?? Only you!! See you next month!!
Kimber Mitaritonna

I have been having my hair highlighted since college - too many years to count - and am very particular about the color and tone of the highlights. As I've become more gray I was less happy with how my previous colorist was blending the highlights in with my natural color. I went to see Jonathan on a whim and have gone back 4 times so far. He immediately put me at ease and understood my concerns and now gives me the best highlights I've ever had! His attention to detail is excellent and he takes the time to perfectly and professionally color my thick hair. In the past, once I've gone to a colorist a few times they'd begin to take short cuts - applying fewer foils, allowing the color to bleed, rushing, etc. I have had exactly the opposite experience with Jonathan...he is professional, sincere, kind and funny. I would recommend Jonathan and his staff to any blond - natural or otherwise! He truly is "The King of all Blondes".Pat Finaldi

Jonathan is amazing at what he does. Had my extensions done by him. They look so natural you can't even tell that I have them in. The color is what impressed me the most. 100% matches my real hair color. Blown away by his work. Highly recommended!!!
Ashley Maassvia facebook

Google user review Jonathan Salon Red NJ rating Excellent

I saw Jonathan on Tuesday. I'm so ecstatic! This is definitely the best haircut I've ever had! I finally found a stylist that not only listens to me but also takes what he does with such passion! I love it! Jonathan is sweet and sincere and and very talented! Cheers! Jane Pasho reviewed in the last week from google Quality Excellent

Jon Caputi and his sissor's are magical beyond words talk about genius and artistic my hair looks incredible thanks to u and your amazingly talented artistic gift oh and people he also is a rocks out on the drums and takes incredible photographs yes Jon Caputi is red banks treasure! .....he and Melissa Hogstrom have that rare talent you want get beautiful go see Jon at Jonathans salon broad street red bank and if your in NYC get yourself to Melissa @ Salon13 on the Lower east side these 2 are the best of the BEST     Laura Dardi, Red Bank

CaitlinMassa has been my hairstylist for the past year and I'm so happy with the colorand cut. I receive so many compliments on my highlights. The salon is verycustomer service oriented too. Colleen Reeves.

Thisafternoon Caitlin gave me the best haircut I have ever had! I wish I had comein before. She is such a talented stylist and I am so happy with my cut. I willdefinitely be back!!! K. Hammond

Big round of applause for Jonathan and his staff! I have been wanting to try extensions for the past 5 years after continual bouts of over processing my hair and many attempts at cutting the damage. I wanted to give extensions a try as I knew it was the only way I was going to be able to keep the scissors and chemical treatments away so that my own hair can grow back to it's natural, healthy condition. After much research I finally decided to give it a go and go with the best! Great Lengths Extensions! I am so glad I did, and even more happy I went to Jonathan for the service! He and his staff were more than accommodating and went above and beyond in doing a superb job at giving me extensions that are not only gorgeous, but look like my own hair! I have gotten more compliments than I ever thought I would. I Love My New Hair so much I may just decide to be a continual wearer of Great Lengths and I surely will be a continuing client of Jonathan Salon! Kelly Phillips  from Super Pages

Had my first appointment with Jonathan last Friday and I am very happy! The highlights and new haircut Jonathan gave me are beautiful. It's not easy to make me look like a natural blonde but he did just that. I travel for my job and I have been to many top salons in the world, this experience was one of the best. Jonathan and his staff are really talented and very sweet. Looking forward to my next appointment!

Heidi J reviewed in the last week  rated: Excellent on Google

My Hair looks fu*#n awsome! Well done handsome!

Jill Broughm


Best haircut I have EVER had!!!5 star Rating

Jon cut my hair yesterday and I can honestly say that it is the best haircut I have ever had! I live in a hot climate and spend a lot of my time scuba diving so I need something that I can tie back when I need to but can still look good in...

Posted by by Guest G. at Judy's Book on February 03, 2013. Brought to you by Judy's Book.

Its truly so nice when someone does something selfless to benefit someone else in need. It was a privilege to be a part of your benefit today Jonathansalon Red Bank. You guys did a fabulous job! Ilene Frank May, 2012

Thank you Jon for the hair cut!! I always rave about how much I love my hair, but I have to tell you this time was the all out best!In 30 minutes you made my hair AMAZING! When I got home, I had a house full of kids. (My own 5 and about 6 friends) Every single one of them said how great I looked! Pretty cool coming from 17 yr olds!! You are the best!!!Kimber Mitaritonna

Kimber Mitaritonna


Jonathan you are amazing! You took my hair which was a disaster and made it look incredible! The way you incorporate your staff in these hair cutting sessions and have them watch is so much of what I have experienced in New York. I don't think you realize how amazing you are which I love even more, I will be back (already booked my next :))

Jackie S


Jonathan and his team are amazing he cut my sons hair that evening after doing so many other cuts on children that day... he treated it as if it were his first.... best haircut in Red Bank no doubt... he is sheer genius with sissor's I have only seen one other artist cut dry hair like that and that is Vidal himself

Laura Dardi · New york school of culinary arts


Jon, Great meeting you the other day! Will definitely not forget our appointment! You are very talented and unique, I wish you so much success to come! By the way, this is the first haircut that I can actually let dry on it's own and it looks amazing!Thanks again. Jennifer

Jennifer W


I have had extension in my hair for ten years and I decided to see Jonathan and I am so happy! They are the best I have ever had! Thank you so much Jon, I am yours for life!



Hey Jon-I wanted to let you know that a complete stranger stopped me this morning as I was getting on a train for NYC to ask who did my hair.  She said my color was "beautiful".I gave her your info and told her you were fabulous-a master!I need to get your business cards and hand them out to people. Sheila A. Woolson

Sheila Woolson


When I heard Jonathan was a color correction specialist I just had to go there and see for myself and boy I found out that he is all that and a bag of chips! I had a really bad situation on my head and after 3 hours of work Jonathan made me whole again! Very grateful. I am yours forever!

Colleen J


ladies and gentlemen, please, stand back, Jonathan is walking through with his humble sweet smile..more than a hair stylist, he IS an ARTIST. Jonathan, i am going to kiss your precious cheek when i see you, i LOVE my hair! (ps: let me know when u want me to sing, would love 2)

Shara Michelle Austin


Jonathan, I not going to lie, was a little nervous getting my hair done in New Jersey since for the past 10 years I have been getting my hair done in NYC at the top trendy salons such as Paul Labrecque, Toni & Guy, and hair done by Matthew Green. Just recently had a baby and for the past 11 months have not had my hair done, looked like a women in the wild (3" roots & split ends). But my wonderful husband got me a gift card for my 1st mother's day this year to Jonathan's, made an appointment with Jon, and I was extremely happy with the results, no need to go back to NYC!



Hi Jonathan,I look forward to getting my hair done every time!  You're great with my color and cut. Thanks for your artistic and warm personality!!  I love the way my hair looks whenever I leave your shop.  I'm stuck on Jonathan Salon!! Kim

Kimberly Bilotti White


You said I needed to go Nautical..with the beach house and boat...I didn't see it...came home ..Hubby and daughter raved not only my new do but color...Thank you..Jon..see you next month for the touch up...Allyson



I came into the salon about a month ago.  My hair was a mess and I had no idea what I wanted to do with it so I left it up to Jonathan.  I left with an amazing cut and color that I couldn't be happier with!



Jonathan you created a beautiful look for Allyson.  I saw a reflection of a woman I knew from years ago. Fabulous!I'm next!

Kimberly Horn


There r not enough words to describe how amazing my experiences at Jonathan salon have been. I always go in confident knowing I'll be walking out of there feeling like a million bucks!! I absolutely love having Jonathan cut, color and style my hair. I wouldn't have it any other way!!! Jonathan has a sweet sense of style which is reflected in his work!!! You are awesome!!!!! XoxoKristin Lutak Velba

Kristin Lutak Velba


Jonathan is the BEST. I've had hair extensions before and NEVER have they looked and felt so natural. He's stuck with me now and I would recommend my most critical friends to him for all of his services!

Janine Lowe


Just visited Jonathan Salon for the first time to get extensions, and I can not describe how great they look and how amazing I feel.  Best decision I've ever made to get them; look/feel natural, and are so easy to maintain!  Jon is just a master at his craft.  His passion and expertise can not be matched!  He's also cultivated quite the sweet & talented staff. I look forward to going back in a few weeks for my highlights.  With these guys on my side, I'm sure to rock the runway for my competition!!:)



I want to thank the staff at Jonathan Salon, especially Tiffany, who helped me in my transformation today.  I walked in with two feet of hair, which needed to be tamed and styled and walked out looking chic and feeling fabulous.  I am a long time hair donor for cancer patients and everytime I cut my hair I never end up with a look I like.  Tiffany was sweet and attentive.  She listened to all my concerns and she made sure to find me a look I would love.   Now I am going to rock my new hair style and highlights, all thanks to Tiffany and her sassy, sweet touch.

Monica Christsen 4.13.11


Hey Jon! Thanks so much for the awesome cut & color the other day! I can't believe its been 10 years since you've been styling my hair & you always get it right. Whether blonde, red, or brunette you always keep it so healthy! Thanks for being the best hairdresser EVER!  Luv ya! :)

Diana Brunner


Jonathan I just want to say that I got so many compliments on my last cut, you are such an artist! Thank you!!

Jenna Lynn


hey john i just wanted to say thankyou so much for blowing out my hair today, it looks amazing, i will definitely see you soon and if you ever need a personal trianer you know where to find me! wow in middletown take care

Jessica sosa


I nominated you guys to be in In Styles Beauty Black Book! Here's my review:Jonathan Salon, in Red Bank, NJ rocks beacuse owner, Jon Caputi, has been cutting my hair for 10+ years and he always gives me exactly what I want! I have NEVER left with a bad haircut, and it grows out beautifully! He has worked all over the country and has... done numerous celebrities hair. I keep his business cards in my wallet because at least 4 times a week I get complimented on my hair cut, which I call "The Kimber"! The staff is welcoming, friendly and very professional, the salon is immaculate and trendy, and Jon has his own line of products which I use faithfully. I recommend them to EVERYONE!!

Kimber Mitaritonna


I have known Jon for approximately 8-9 years. He is my hair dresser as well as a very close friend. To be completely honest since the first second i met Jon i new he was an amazing person on many levels. On a business level he was always very reliable and punctual. By that i mean never canceled appointments with me and always took me on time. In the hair industry that is really a rarity. He was always very conscientious of my needs and took his time with me. Needless to say i fell in love with his sense of style and he has remained my hairstylist for all these years. All around he's always had excellent work ethics.    On a personal level Jon and I became very close in such a short period of time. As I said the second I met Jon i new right away he was someone id want in my life permanently on a personal level rather than just a business level. As a friend he"s always been a loving, honest, genuine, caring, compassionate human being and i could go on and on. Those were just some of his amazing ways and Ifeel truly blessed to have him in my life.     Jon has been an amazing a friend. So you can only imagine what kind of father he is. Pretty much since the very beginning our our relationship our topic of conversations was almost always  about his family. He has three beautiful girls who are definitely his life. He speaks so highly of them and is entire world revolves around them. When I spend time with them I often find myself wishing growing up I had a father in my life like him. Even if u don't know him u can instantly see his immense love for his girls and its so beautiful. I think his children are very blessed to have such an amazing father who would do absolutely anything for them. One day when their all grown up they will realize if they don't already!   Jon is an amazing father, friend, business man, husband and just about everything else under the sun. Who's ever lucky enough to have Jon in their life is truly blessed. I'm sure whoever knows Jon would agree. Sincerely,Elizabeth Pedulla

Elizabeth Pedulla


Hi Johnny! after almost 2 years with your Great Lengths extensions (which I LOVED) you helped me make the transition to short hair again- I love it even more! The color and cut that you gave me last week is amazing.  Easy to maintain and I feel great! Everyone has complemented me on the New Look! thanks a million- you're the best!loveBeth

Beth Hannick-Bizzo


The staff at Jonathan Salon are just amazing. They were so accomodating when I came in for a corrective color.  Jon took time out of his busy schedule to assess my hair and recommend one of his expert colorist to solve the issue.  Low and behold i walked out of the salon with picture perfect hair color and exactly what I was looking for.  Thanks so much!!!  Mary Jane from Ocean.

Mary Jane Kasliner


Hi Jonathan, I just came there for the first time and I want you to know the compliments I have been getting are incredible!!  You are truly an artist and I'm so happy I found you!Nikki



jonathan you are so hot!!!! sexy-sexy : ))



Hi Jonathan,I just wanted to let you know...I LOVE MY HAIR!! Thank you so much :) It actually feels a lot thicker and lays so much better! I love the highlights too, but I think i will come in soon to get a few more added. Hey, would you be so kind as to send me the original of that pic from Myst? Thanks again, see you soon! Heidi



Jonathan is a true Master. No other word will justify .I have been to Top Salons all over Europe, meet  fabolous and very talented Artists.Jonathan takes the Lead, THE BEST!E.GALLAGHER



I just moved to New Jersey from Memphis, TN two months ago. For a woman, getting your hair done should be an event. I decided to try Jonathan Salon and pray for the best. My prayers were answered and then some. I have never had a coloring job like this in my life. When my husband notices and mentions what a great job...well enough said. Jonathan is a master artist and I am sooo glad I went with my gut and made my appointment. All of a sudden our recent move is looking so much brighter! Thank you Jonathan. 


Kelley Sullens


I just had my hair cut with Jonathan for the first time and I have to say that it is perhaps the best haircut I have ever had! I have been to many salons before but this was truly an unexpected treat. Also, the environment and the amount of laughing we did was also a delight! Thank you Jonathan!

Gerri Desantis


I first stumbled into Jonathan's in search of someone who knew color who could fix my botched highlights. Heather totally took care of everthing. And not only did she correct my color, I got tons of complements on her work and she gave me something that grew out naturally rather than than getting scary roots. Heather is super passionate about her work and I'm sure the same holds true for the other stylists and staff. I recommend Jonathan's to anyone.

Rachel (Locust, NJ)


Jonathan and staff,My daughter got married on August 22, the bride and a party of  ten (including MOB and MOG) came to your salon.  The staff did an excellent job on both hair and makeup.  The ladies all looked exquisite, and were pleased with their hair and makeup.  The ladies are all beautiful, and your staff just enhanced their beauty.  Thank you for your hospitality, we were treated excellent.  I would highly recommend Jonathan's to any bride. Thank you againConnie Rodriguez (MOB)

Connie Rodriguez


Dear Jonathan,I recently visited your salon for the first time, and I wanted to thank you and your staff for the gracious hospitality and warm welcome. Furthermore, Alicia cut my hair, and I couldn't be happier with the result. I look forward to being a regular client and I will be certainly be recommending your salon to all my friends and colleaugues.Thank you!

Stacey Barrett


I had my hair done by Jonathan and makeup by Grace on my wedding day on June 6th. Grace also applied Lavish Lashes for myself and my mother (I received so many compliments on them even weeks after the wedding!). My whole wedding party had their hair and makeup done at the salon that day- they all looked so beautiful thanks to such a wonderful staff.  I don't think I have ever looked better in my life thanks to their amazing talent! They are two lovely people and made myself and my loved ones feel so comfortable that day! They made such a memorable day that much more memorable!!

Nadine Piccolo Siciliano


Jonathan is a master colorist. I absolutely love love love the cut too. I simply can't keep up with the complements I have been receiving from strangers who pass me in  parking lots and in the mall. Bravo Jonathan!

Tivona E.


First time at your salon and Jonathan cut my hair, I can honestly say it's the best haircut I ever had! During our conversation I learned so many things that make this salon unique and different from all others in NJ. Good  luck with your education center plans and your second location in New York city! I will be back.

Chris B


Dear Jonathan and Grace,Thank you for the fantastic experience on May 3rd. My bridesmaids, the moms and I had a great time and came out looking absolutely beautiful! I was thrilled with how everyone came out and especially my bridal hair and make up. I felt so glamorous all night!!!Lauren Menschner

Lauren Menschner


I Have been going to the salon for just about a year now, and couldn't be happier that i did. I went to the salon not knowing anyone, being new to the area and needing my color corrected. From the minute i walked in the salon, i was welcomed. everyone  was very attentive. my appointment was with ryan who had no idea what he was in for. several hours later i left the salon feeling like a million bucks. He was so patient and took the time with me to make sure i would get the result i really wanted. Ryan continues to exceed my expectations. always gives me exactly what i want.  couldnt be happier.

Eileen Popek


Awsome! I was terrified to get my haircut and now I am over the moon! THANK YOU Jonathan!!

Allison Harper


What a great time we all had at Vicky and Dannie Schades wedding on 12 September 2008!! Not least because the bridal party, including myself and my 5 year old son Thomas, were treated to an amazing pre-ceremony makeover experience in the extremely talented hands of Jonathan, Grace and the brilliant staff at Jonathan Salon but also because Jonathan and Grace were fantastic company throughout the entire day and evening and made the day especially cool! Looking  forward to seeing the photos!

Grace, Jonathan and Dana - as I said to Grace on the day - I felt like a million dollars, and Thomas looked so cool!

Love from Andrea andThomas Patrick, Bridesmaid and Ring-bearer


Hello! Elizabeth cut my hair recently and gave me a bangin' style.  You guys requested that I send a picture for her portfolio on the website, so here it is.  You guys are awesome, I've recommended the salon to everybody, including my sister who has an appointment coming up.  Thanks again for the amazing style.  I was also able to donate my hair which makes me feel even better about looking so hot!  Ha! Please send her my best wishes for the arrival of her baby! Sincerely, Cay Fisher


i just recieved a hair cut from Jonathan and i couldn't be any more happier. it has only been a day and i have already recieved so many compliments from people and i told them exactly where i went too! to be completely  honest, this was by far the best hair cut i have ever recieved in my whole life time! Jonathan knows exactly what style will look good on you, he's brillant! i will never go to any other salon besides this and im defintley recommending this to  everyone i know! also everyone there is so kind and welcoming. thank you so much for everything.

Sara Saheban


I recieved a haircut from your stylist Jessica last week, and I wanted to make you aware of the great experience I had.  She took the time to listen to all of my concerns and gave me great feedback.  Not only did I leave with a great cut that day, I was able to re-create the style every day since.  I've never gotten so many compliments on a hairstyle from not only family, but friends and co-workers as well.  Jessica did a great job and I'll be sure to follow up with her in the future.Thanks AgainKaren

K. kwicinski


Great experience, excellent customer service. Also, very happy with my hair extensions!

Leigh Locklin


My rating on this place is EXCELLENT! I will never go anywhere else, because I found MY place.Thank you!Doleres

Doleres Belvin


Jon gives the best cut, he is the best in New Jersey!

Victoria Apostle


Jon is soooooo sexy!!!

Kim Mituritonna


Excellent Salon, Jonathan is great!



Dana is the best I feel Great! Excellent salon.



Excellent Salon!

Maureen Farretti


Jonathan,Thanks for the great work and for your expertise! Forever Grateful



Hey Jon!  Great web site!  Mark and I especially loved the photos of the family.  Looking forward to see you at our next gathering.







Hey Jon, Great Site mate

James from Sydney, Australia





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